Welcome to Knights of Sol

Knights of Sol (KOS) is a non-profit organisation founded in 2016 as a modern and secular knightly order where young people from Year 1 onwards can study a warrior lifestyle which provides strong core values and essential skills for success in today’s world.

In collaboration with leading international experts on medieval martial arts and veteran officers from the armed forces, we aim to provide our members with everything they need to become modern knights and leaders of tomorrow. Our Chapters, which run as After School Clubs, offer a comprehensive curriculum which includes the following:

  • Warrior philosophy based on a modernised code of chivalry to provide strong core values like courage and honour.
  • Essential skills such as teamwork, leadership and strategy.
  • Warrior fitness routines for a strong and healthy body.
  • Gentle and fun-filled introduction to medieval martial arts using specially adapted equipment (i.e. foam swords).

Our partners


Our medieval martial arts curriculum has been developed in partnership with The School of Medieval European Fencing (SMEF).

SMEF is an internationally recognised authority on Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), specialising in the art of swordsmanship as taught by the great 14th century German fencing master Johannes Liechtenauer.



  • ‘What an awesome club! My son thoroughly enjoys the sessions – the combination of fitness, skills and of course the fighting(!), and there are so many good lessons being learnt about honour and behaviour too.
    We get detailed monthly reports on what they are doing and individual gradings which really encourages him to try his hardest. The club is exceptionally well run – thank you!’

    Chloe Wilson
  • ‘Finlay has been attending Knights of Sol for about 6 months and he thoroughly enjoys the club. He looks forward to the varied activities, workouts and combats. He always comes back from the club enthused and energised. From a parents point of view I find the teachings in respect and discipline extremely beneficial! I receive a report letting me know what Finlay has learnt as well a mark for his behaviour/combat skills. An excellent club that is unique and offers not only physical exercise but also valuable lessons in behaviour too!’

    Tina Carter
  • ‘We like KOS as it’s so different to other activities for children. The focus on the history of knights, and the ancient chivalry aspect is particularly unusual and is still relevant in modern times, teaching the children about good moral values. The fighting component is very controlled and safe and is all about discipline, technique and skill. Our son was very proud to be made Warden of the chapter as a reward for his good discipline and following of instructions. We get an individual report on behaviour and technique after each session, and any individual issues are picked up with parents by the Master of the chapter as necessary.’

    Gabrielle and Roger Parham
  • ‘Finding an after school club that both my son and my daughter enjoy, that demonstrates real progress in terms of skills and behaviour and that enables me to work a full day has been like finding a unicorn…Impossible. But then came Knights of Sol and to my surprise it has become our unicorn! The kids love the fact that they are part of something a bit different, they talk about it at home and make a concerted effort to do well. This is quite a feat considering that they are such different children. The feedback we get is comprehensive and reflects the dedication of Jonathan and it makes my life that little bit easier. What’s not to like!?’

    Renee Watson
  • ‘Our 7 year old son absolutely loves Knights Of Sol and is always keen to go to the sessions every week. As parents we also appreciate the weekly emails updating us on our son’s progress. Not only is this such a great activity for children, it teaches them new skills and is run by a dedicated and expert team. We have no hesitation in recommending this to others and hope the success continues.’

    Melanie and Adam Bernstein
  • ‘Both my son and daughter love being part of the knights of sol. They enjoy experiencing what it is to be a knight and the discipline they learn is great. Jonathan’s dedication and enthusiasm for the club is fantastic and this rubs off on the children.’

    Jenny Bendall